How To Recover Your Forgotten Gmail Password

By | July 21, 2018

If you say “I forgot my Gmail password ” you’re in the right place.”Recover Gmail password“.. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to recover or reset your Gmail account password!

Are you having trouble logging in to your Gmail account? Are you regularly saying “I forgot my Gmail password” or “I lost my email password”? You’ll find a detailed guide in this article on how to recover your Gmail password.


It can be said that those who want to reset your Gmail password generally have two groups.
• Gmail login password forgotten
• Forgetting both your Gmail password and recovery information

Unable to access your Gmail account does not mean you can not access your emails unfortunately. To access YouTube, Google+, Google Maps, Google Drive, and other useful platforms and services, you’ll need a gmail account password.

Here are Gmail password recovery options for those who want to change their email password forgotten:

 Remember Your Gmail Password


Of course, for those who can not remember Gmail’s password, they will always remember the first advice password. It can be funny or annoying to say this to a person who forgets his password. But for most users it is useful to try to remember the password.
A large number of users who were somewhat intimate with the Internet were disappointed when trying to access their internet accounts. As a first step, these tips can help you remember your password.
If you’ve tried the steps above and you still do not remember your Gmail password, this is not a good sign. Could your account be hacked? If this scares you, it’s serious. Then I need to keep track of what you need to do.

Step 1: Change Gmail Password with SMS


  • Access a Google homepage, login Gmail.comor or you can click here directly:
  • Enter your e-mail address on the “Log In” menu and then click or tap NEXT.
    • You will then see a box where you should enter your password. Click “Forgot your password?” If you do not know or remember your password.
    • Then a screen asking you to enter the last password you remember is displayed. Skip this one.
    • You will see the section “Try a different question” below. Click on it.
    • Make a selection on the screen asking whether you want to receive a verification code by SMS or by phone call.


Since the verification code for the phone call is spoken in English, it might be better to choose SMS. Once you have entered your phone number into the empty box, press the “Send text message” button.
• After receiving the verification code, write your box code.

Can not reset Google password with verification code? If not, did you give Google a phone number for verification? Or are you no longer using the number you gave Google? Then the situation is very serious.
Your next hope is to go to the Google Accounts page and respond to some questions for verification purposes.

 Step 2: Recover Gmail Password by Phone

If you entered mobile device information into recovery details in your Google account and added an extra layer of security, you’ll find different options to help you recover your Gmail password.
If you have not done so, the screens described here will not come out. So, you will have to go through Step 3 and Step 4.


  • Open the Google Accounts page.
    • Enter your e-mail address, then click / touch NEXT.
    • Press the “Try a different question” shortcut on the SMS (Step 1), ignoring the verification code retrieval screen.
    • You will then see a screen asking if you want to get a prompt on your device. Click the Send Prompt button. (Make sure your device is near you).
    • If your mobile device will receive a prompt, tap “YES” and a new window will open in the browser where you open the Google Accounts page.
    • You can reset your password by setting a strong password.

Resetting your Gmail password with your phone or tablet is a great way to save your account. However, you must have already added your mobile device as a recovery option before you can succeed at this stage.
If you have not set your mobile device as a Google Account recovery option, it’s likely that Step 2 is not the case, but the screen image in Step 3 comes up against it.

Step 3: Gmail Password Regeneration with Recovery E-Mail


  • Reopen the Google Accounts page.
    • Enter your e-mail account and continue.
    • Skip previous Stages that do not work for you. Try a different question You can touch / tap the link.
    • The next page prompts you to send the verification code to a recovery email address.
    • Press Next to wait for Google’s recovery mail to reach your email inbox.

This method, which is used to reset the Gmail password, is a commonly used method. The problem is even more difficult if you have not given Google a rescue email.
If you do not remember the Recovery email you entered into your Google account, or if you no longer have access to this address, you need to go to Step 4

Step 4: Recover Gmail Account Information by Month and Year

Did you not take action with the recovery email? Do not give up yet.
Achieving success in  Step 4 is really difficult. Kelimenin is literally a guessing game for some.
• Reopen the Google Accounts page.
• Enter your Email Address.
• Skip the steps until you see the moon and the year.
• You should answer “When did you create this Google account?” If you can enter the correct month and year, it will be very easy to reset your Gmail password.

If this does not work, it gets harder.

Step 5: Gmail Password Reset with Security Challenge


Another way to reset your Gmail password is to answer a secret question that we’re asked you to do.
Skip the previous steps for resetting the password. You have another chance to regain your Google account.
• Reopen Google’s Account support page.
• Skip the previous steps until you come to where you are. On the “Answer the security question you added to your account” screen, type your reply and press the Next button.
• In this step, all you need to change the email password is to respond correctly to the security question you specify.

Are you forgetting your Gmail password and secret question?

If you can not remember the secret question you set up on Google, it would be impossible to reset your Gmail password on the internet and bring your account back. Browsing the Google password change or reset page can be another way out.
If you can not provide Google with enough information to verify the ownership of the account, you may have to consider creating a new Google account.

Why is it so hard to save a Google Account?

Google privacy and security is very serious. For this reason, it will only return the account if it is sure that the account belongs to the right person. Otherwise, Google will not stretch its rules.
The best way to get back to your account is to keep your recovery options up-to-date. For this reason, if any of your recovery details change, you should immediately update it on Google.


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