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By | May 31, 2018

If you’re new to Gmail design, two new features will soon be available for your Gmail interface: Confidental Mode and Smart Compose. If you have not passed the new design yet, you may want to do this first. When you click on the setting icon, you will see the option to try the new design.

  1. To do this, first click on the link below and go to the Gmail inbox. Then click the gear wheel (settings) in the upper right corner.
  2. In the menu that opens, click “try the new Gmail“.

The Secret Mode originally had to come with the overall new design, but apparently this was delayed due to “hidden” reasons. Normally, when you send an e-mail to someone, the person you send remains in the Inbox unless you delete it. If the e-mail you send contains sensitive information and the account of that person is seized (eg by punctuation) serious problems may arise.

With Incognito Mode, the message itself is never sent to the other person. Instead, a link is sent for a version stored by Google, which becomes unusable after a certain period of time (from one day to five days). For added security, you can also force the receiver to enter a randomly generated password sent via SMS.

To access Incognito Mode, simply click on the clock and the padlock icon (the icon that accompanies them) when writing your email. You can send confidential emails to anyone, not just Gmail users

Gmail Confidental Mode-message

Gmail Confidental Mode

Smart Compose was announced earlier this week at the Google I / O conference and aims to speed up the writing of daily emails.

It’s like a keyboard that guesses what you try to write on your mobile phone, but we can say it’s smarter. As you write, you try to understand the content and context, analyze it and suggest the next word you might want to write. The machine learns and learns from the messages you have written before, and improves its hit.

The suggested texts appear gray until you hit the Enter key. Google hopes that over time you’ll be able to write messages from scratch, just by pressing a key.

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