Gmail: Cannot Send or Receive E-mail

By | August 16, 2018

Sometimes I get confused and I can not figure out the problem even after long struggles. Some problems can be very simple if they are some very complicated problems. We will look for answers such as “I do not receive an e-mail from my Gmail account” or “I can not send an e-mail from my Gmail account“.

There may not be any bugs in your Gmail account. Even if everything looks fine, you may still have problems sending or receiving e-mails. If you are having problems sending and receiving mail, this may have different causes. For these reasons, you can see some of them below.

1) E-mail Sending Errors

Many people are careless when e-mailing. Below are some mistakes while emailing. You should pay attention to these.

• Quotation marks
• Points at the end of the address
• Previous or next gaps
• Spelling mistakes

2) “You have reached the limit of sending mail”

• If you have sent an e-mail to more than 500 recipients in a single e-mail, or if you have sent over 500 e-mails in one day, you may encounter this message.
• If you receive this error, you will be able to retrieve it within 1 to 24 hours.

3) Spam Target Holder Accounts

In such cases, you usually do not have a chance to recover. But if you are a G Suite user, you are in luck. Because in this case you can recover your suspended account. I would recommend reading the following article.

4) Google Drive

This is a very rare situation that may be related to Google Drive. If you’re using Google Drive, I’d recommend browsing. Because sometimes there is an e-mail problem depending on how many files you are uploading. In this case, some of your data in Google Drive may be removed by you

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